Corporate History & Profile

Solid Group Inc. (SGI) is a publicly listed holding company composed of various subsidiaries and joint venture companies with operations in distribution (mobile devices, modular housing and professional equipment), real estate (property leasing, condo sales, hotel operation and investments) support services (electronics servicing, logistics, financing), and investments.

Formerly United Paracale Mining Corporation (UPMC) originally incorporated in 1933, Solid Group Inc. was officially listed with the Philippine Stocks Exchange in 1996 after reorganizing its capital and business structure.

In its early years from 1996 to 2002, SGI was engaged in the manufacture of color television for both domestic and export sales as well as the distribution and marketing of various consumer audio and video products involving two major brands Sony and Aiwa. Two other manufacturing operations involved plastic molding factories. Due to dramatic changes in the business environment including the 1997 Asian crisis, market liberalization (AFTA duty reduction) and severe competition from both overseas and local sources, SGI eventually phased out its manufacturing operations in television production in 2002 and in plastics molding in 2009. 

SGI maintains its support service companies to the consumer durables industry and has continued to expand in the field of after-sales service, logistics and consumer financing. SGI has also continued to make strides in the field of professional equipment sales, servicing and integration to broadcast and institutional clients.

In 2001 the company embraced new technology and invested in the broadband industry and its other related businesses, building an extensive hybrid fiber and co-axial cable infrastructure in Metro Manila for cable television and internet as well as satellite services for nationwide data carriage. SGI’s subsidiary Solid Broadband Corporation provided consumers with an affordable choice in home entertainment through its client Destiny Cable. In 2012 SGI sold its broadband and cable infrastructure to the Lopez Group realizing gains of close to one billion pesos as it decided to focus on the mobile digital business.

SGI ventured into a 26-storey high rise condominium project Zen Towers located in the heart of Manila in 2007. This project was expanded in 2010 with the completion of a 11-storey building composed of offices for sale and lease in the same premise. Also part of the real estate business is a 75-room budget hotel Casa Bocobo in Manila which started in 2008.

The rising trend of digital devices led the company to return to its historical core competence in the market in the field of consumer electronics. SGI reinvented itself by realigning its resources to market its own Filipino brand of mobile phone, ‘my׀phone’, which was launched as the country’s first dual SIM phone in September, 2007. This business has grown to become SGI’s flagship business in terms of revenues and strong market presence. Despite severe market competition from giant foreign brands like Samsung and Apple as well as other local brands, ‘my׀phone’ has continued to reach its wide customer base of trendy and tech-savvy Filipinos through affordable and quality products with the loyal support of its extensive dealer network and nationwide service capability. 

In 2011, the company launched ‘ my׀house’ its own brand of    Modular Technology structures to provide a new approach in building houses, schools, offices and shops  quickly, safely and cost-efficiently.

2014 welcomed Green Sun, formerly Solid House in 2285 Don Chino Roces Ext. in Makati. Previously an office building Green Sun now includes a 160-room boutique hotel with exciting venues for events such as “The Eye” featuring a first-of-its-kind 360degree lcd video wall. The corporate offices of Solid Group are likewise located in this retrofitted place dedicated to the young Filipino artists in various fields including fashion design and multimedia.

While the company has faced business cycles of ups and downs through the years, it has managed to keep a strong financial position which allows for investments into new ventures as they arise. As the company strives to improve its current operations it remains open to new opportunities to enhance value to its stakeholders.


We integrate affordable technology and quality in our products and services.

We continuously innovate and strive to give greater value to our customers and stakeholders.

We attain our goals through efficient and effective business operations.

We promote a workplace conducive to employee growth and development.

We commit to do business with integrity, to manage risks responsibly and to practice good corporate governance, all for God, country and people.


To be a trusted and respected Filipino company that embraces technology, explores new fields, inspires creativity, uplifts Filipino lives and serves the Filipino nation. 

Corporate Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Service to God, Country, and People