Company Officers

Board of Directors

  • Jason S. Lim

    Chairman of the Board

  • Susan L. Tan

    President, CEO

  • Joseph A. Lim

    Founder, Director

  • Vincent S. Lim

    SVP & CFO, Director

  • Quintin Chua

    Independent Director

  • Maria G. Gooslby

    Independent Director

  • Beda T. Mañalac

    VP, Director

  • Jonathan Joseph C. Lim

    VP, Director

  • Kevin Michael Tan

    VP, Director

Corporate Officers

  • Elena S. Lim

    Chair Emeritus, Director

  • Lita L. Joaquin

    Vice President & Treasurer

  • Mellina T. Corpuz

    Senior Vice President and CAO

  • Ana Maria A. Katigbak-Lim

    Asst. Corporate Secretary

  • Roberto V. San Jose

    Corporate Secretary

  • Ericson Salvador

    Chief Audit Executive

  • Josephine Santiago

    Chief Information Officer

Executive Officers

  • David S. Lim
    David S. Lim
    Pres. & CEO, My Solid Tech. & Devices Corp. (MyPhone)
  • Kevin Michael L. Tan
    Executive Vice President, My Solid Tech. & Devices Corp. (MyPhone)
  • Anthony Posadas

    SVP, MyPhone

  • Abbe Daza

    President, Omni Solid Services Inc.

  • Joji U. Tan
    President, Solid Electronics Corp.
  • Jonathan Joseph CC. Lim
    President, Solid Group Technologies Corp. (MyHouse)
  • Christopher James L. Tan
    President, Solid Video Corporation
  • Beda T. Mañalac

    President, Solid Manila Corp

  • Rudolph Panlilio

    Operations Manager, MyHouse