Kita Corporation

Kita Corporation (Kita) was incorporated on October 1, 1994. Kita produced color TV sets under the AIWA brand at its factory located inside the Clark Special Economic Zone. Kita ceased its manufacturing operations effective April 15, 2001 after its agreement with Aiwa expired in April 1, 2000 and was no longer renewed. Kita merged with Clark Plastics Manufacturing Corporation (CPMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of SC, on April 2004, with Kita as the surviving company. After its merger with CPMC, Kita resumed operations to continue the business of CPMC, which is injected plastics manufacturing as well as the lease of its property. In December 2010, Kita ceased the operations of its injected plastics manufacturing business. Henceforth, Kita’s revenues principally come from the lease of its properties.